What’s the secret to living a life turned on?

When we launched our brand, Turn It On, and shared the possibility with people on how to live a life turned on, it would be an understatement to say that we received various reactions.  We heard everything from:

  • “I love that! I want to live a life turned on!” 
  • “I feel like I live a life turned on in various places in my life, not all, but some, which is good right?  You can’t have it all, or can you?”
  • “Must be nice!” (With an eye roll and strong sarcastic undertone.)
  • “Turn it on. Do you mean sexually? I’m turned on right now!”
  • “I’m too busy to get turned on. Do you have a pill for that?”

With nearly after every response though, there’s been an additional question, what’s the secret?  How can I live a life turned on?  

There are many areas we work on with our clients to ignite their fire, their purpose and passion.  Turn it on!  

While there are several ingredients to this secret sauce, the most consistent ingredient is…drumroll please!  

Pleasure!  Finding pleasure in every aspect of life leads you to loving the life you live and living a life turned on.  

The time is now to discover where your recipe is just right and where you might need to add a little more pleasure to your sauce.  

Over the next two months, we challenge you to dive into various areas of your life that you can examine to add more pleasure.  This is not to say the next two months will cover all areas; however, diving into various areas specifically will get your wheels turning and give you enough practice to take the exercises and tools into other areas of your life that need a little extra dash of love. 

So let’s dive in!  First, you must address your feelings and emotions.  Emotions are controlled by a master switch. You can’t just turn one emotion off and expect everything else to work, wholeheartedly.  If you have turned off pain and sorrow, you have turned off joy and pleasure. To fully be fulfilled in life is to fully feel everything in your life.  

Are you the type of person who thinks everything is just fine?  Nothing is too bad. You are thankful for the blessings you have in life and have no reason to complain.  No reason to address concerns, because… you are fine. Fine is not living a life turned on. We are here today to tell you, it’s your time!   It’s time you get your fine ass out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary!  

Our first tool we would like to introduce is a pleasure barometer.  Using this tool is quite simple. Using a 1 to 10 scale, you will rate each area of your life to see where you fall. 1= no fulfillment.  10 = completely fulfilled. 

Please use the below wheel of life to rate how much pleasure and satisfaction you feel in each area of your life. Do this exercise with authenticity and love.  Take time to reflect how each area makes you feel. Observe, without judgment, the emotions that come up for yourself as your think about each area of the wheel?  Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a pleasure filled ride!

Rebecca and Natalie

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