Do You Ever Sleep?

Do you ever sleep?  How do you have so much energy?  What’s your secret? Who has time for that?   

Time is not on my side, no it ain’t…

Love the original song by the Rolling Stones… but who are we kidding?  How do some people accomplish so much in a day, and how come others are baffled and exhausted by the thought of doing so much in a day?  

There are some true scientific facts that some people are blessed more than others. While some might need supplements to keep going, some can just dance to the supplement of joy and life! 

Some need a full 8 hours of sleep.  Others, like my father, really only need 5-6 hours of sleep.  (He actually only needs 4 like a horse and that drives me crazy!)  There are those who are pure determined to plow through and conquer the world, no matter how painful it is, come rain or shine, sleep or not. 

Our recommendation is to find pleasure in everything that you do to keep your energy high and keep chugging away… choo choo! What are you doing to fuel your energy?

Here are some quick tips for adding fuel to your energy tank….

  1. Environment!  Create an atmosphere around you that feeds your energy.   Make your bed. Clean your house. Put out fresh flowers weekly.  Surround yourself with an environment that brings you joy and comfort. 
  2. Get Moving!  As LMFAO says, “Girl look at that body, girl look at that body, girl look at that body, I-I, I work out.”  Go for a walk. Book a class. Dance! Whatever it takes to get moving and be healthy. Moving is an energy re-fuel!  Working out is a form of meditation! A SoulCycle class is like going to church, a nightclub, and a coaching session all in one!  And kind of like jumping into the movie Blade… if you have seen it, you know!
  3. Fun!  Yes, you have to make your life fun!  Fun time spent with your friends walking, talking, laughing your ass off, dancing, being stupid, talking intellectually.  Community builds energy and the strength of your friendships is directly correlated to success, energy, and happiness. If you don’t believe me, read “Big Potential” by Shawn Achor- he covers all the scientific facts!
  4. Pleasure!  Your power and energy source – exercise your love!   Find what brings you pleasure and don’t skim on that weekly or multi-weekly dip into the pleasure pool.  It may be enjoying an extra-long bath, a trip down picture lane, or some lovemaking with a beautiful man or woman.  Whatever you flavor, indulge, enjoy, and know pleasure is an amazing way to fill up your tank to flourish in life! 

Rebecca and Natalie

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