Daily Rituals…

Good morning gorgeous!  Look at you waking up and looking all fine!  Your hair is wavy like a lioness, your skin is glowing, your body is looking all toned!  Now let’s get you your morning coffee with a dollop of whipped cream to start the day with a little extra love!  Oh, and your shower is getting hot and your lover is waiting for you for your morning pleasure session to start the day!

Okay, okay, this is my morning ritual fantasy!  Can you blame a girl? For some reason I picture a sassy queen bringing me my morning coffee in sparkly blue spandex shorts and my lover waiting for me in the shower to be Italian…no, Spanish…no, Brazilian…no, a beautiful blonde woman!  LOL, guess I am still very much single in my morning ritual fantasy!

What’s funny is, the above is not too far off from my current morning ritual!  No, I do not get woken up with coffee in hand. No, I do not look like a gorgeous lioness in the morning!  And currently, I do not wake up every morning to a beautiful lover waiting for me in the shower… not every morning…

I do enjoy whip cream in my Nespresso every morning to start out the day with a little extra sugar.  I put on my YouTube channel that rotates summer music and travel videos of beaches around the world. (I write down the places I find amazing and add them to my travel bucket list.)  I enjoy pleasure, in some form or fashion and, finally, I journal words of affirmation, gratitude or empowerment before hopping into the shower.

Why is a morning ritual important?  Morning rituals are an important way of connecting to yourself every day.  Starting off your day right, with the intention you want to set, is a powerful way to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.  Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? No problem! Your morning ritual is your power play to set you straight and keep you on track.


What is your morning ritual that gets you started on the right foot?  Do you meditate, walk your dog, or maybe journal intentions? What are you doing to find pleasure that drives you to get excited about the day?  

Need a morning ritual to revamp?  Or looking to set one for the first time?  Consider the above questions as a guide. What can you put in place today that you know will excite you every morning?  How can you make your desires come alive and into action – that fulfill your intentions? 

A great way to really see measurable results and desirable outcomes is to be specific about your ritual.  What action can you begin putting in place? Identify any tools needed, such as memberships, journal kit, flowers, coffee, etc.  

How will you know if this makes a change for you?  Where are you starting off, and where would you like to end up?  You might be starting off with four less than ideal mornings a week.  Check-in with yourself after putting your ritual into place for a few weeks.  How many days are you waking up on the wrong side of the bed now? The goal is to create action, reflect, and then continue to adjust. 

Is your morning ritual achievable for you?  If you know that what you have laid out for yourself will be a greater challenge to apply, this could be an opportunity to go back and revisit the actions you have put in place and scale it to a sustainable achievement.  The goal is to feel better, not bring yourself more havoc. 

And lastly, when will you begin this ritual?  Go on, get started and please share your rituals with our community.  You never know, someone may want to borrow one of yours, and you might want to try one someone else’s! 

Rebecca and Natalie

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