What is the Nature of Love?

Love is the uniting energy that moves us away from beliefs that keep us fearful and, instead, moves us into the oneness of being.  Love is an opportunity to share our subjective experiences with others, to free ourselves from some of the causes of suffering. 

Fear is a prison that holds us back from releasing the love within us.  Other people, especially with those whom we are romantically involved, help us remember and reconnect to Source.  That is why love is such a driving force for all of us.

It is not even another person that we actually love; it’s the love within ourselves that another person helps bring out.  Once we feel connected, true connection, we are never alone, never separate, and never afraid.” – Bruce D Schneider “Uncovering The Life of Your Dreams

After reading these profound words, if you were to take a look in the mirror, what reflection would be looking back at you?  Do you find yourself resonating in a state of love and freedom, or find yourself centering more in an atmosphere of fear?  

The above message is a reminder that we are all connected to one main source.  The meaning of the “whole you” is the you that embodies everyone and everything.  This may be a lot to take in. However, know that when you truly know and believe we are whole, you naturally want to connect with others and share your wholeness through connection. 

Are you someone that is struggling right now with fear?  Do you fear someone will not love you for who you are? Fear is judgment with fucking wings!   What’s crazy is that rather than embracing you are whole when someone doesn’t jive with you, you allow your inner critic to take the wheel and literally fly!  

Let’s take back that control and redesign from the beginning.  What is the nature of love? 

Love and connecting with others with love is a gateway to power.  A gateway not because of a need, but because it gives us an opportunity to experience more of who we are and share our love with others. 

You are loved.

You are whole. 

Share your love.

Rebecca and Natalie

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