"Boss Up & Change Your Life!" - Lizzo

Here are the facts: Men apply for a job when they meet 60% of the qualifications listed. Women apply to opportunities when they meet 100% of the qualifications.  Men initiate salary negotiations four times as often as women do. Women ask for 30% less money than men when "negotiating" their salary.

Do the above statistics resonate with you? Are you a hardworking powerhouse who has traditionally worked hard to show your worth, rather than ask for what you desire? Are you ready to ask for a raise or seek out a promotion, but lack clarity, finesse and power around your voice? Here is your opportunity to sit down with a seasoned HR Executive and do a deep dive into your situation and truly feel empowered to negotiate anything you desire.

This full day workshop provides a detailed overview of compensation and dives into action with outlining your values, practicing your pitch, and the art of negotiation. Assess your personal brand and understand your market data and worth. We will use strategic tools that will assist you with identifying your accomplishments and linking each accomplishment to the value you bring to your organization or future organization.

Focus Areas: Compensation, Communication, Values, Building Your Brand

Key Takeaways: Compensation Pitch Deck

Target Audience: Women (including those who identify as female) who are;

  1. Ready to discuss a bonus, an increase in wages, a promotion, or have a performance review coming up that you want to set yourself up for the following year for a promotion or increase. (If this round of reviews does not have an allotted increase, you can set yourself up for the following year with clear cut expectations around deliverables to ensure you meet your desired compensation.) 
  2. Looking outside of your current organization for opportunities and want to ensure you know your worth and are prepared to discuss and negotiate your compensation requirements during the interview process.


10AM: Discovery Session: Deep dive into your current situation and review of your current compensation and applicable supplemental data including the following:

    • Market Data
    • Performance Reviews
    • Resume
    • Job Description
    • Organizational Structure

12PM: Lunch Time! We will take time to decompress during lunch and celebrate your passion and power of bossing up and changing your life!

1:30PM: Back to work! During our last few hours together, we will create an Action Plan to ensure you feel empowered to taking the next step into making more money. We will create and practice your pitch to ensure you are 100% comfortable articulating your worth and sharing your desires for your upcoming negotiation. Lastly, we will dive into investing and long-term financial goals. You will receive resources and takeaways for you to take home and put a lifelong financial strategy in place.

4PM: Time to celebrate! Let’s go out for drinks and cheers to knowing your worth and congratulate yourself on putting a strategy and action plan into place. Don’t drink? No worries! We can always change this up and celebrate with mocktails, a workout class or a fun activity!

Follow Up: Based on your desires, we will schedule one follow up call to ensure you are putting your action plan into practice. This call can be a pre-negotiation call to get the jitters out and practice, or a post-negotiation call after you succeed and want to ensure you continue to put your action plan into practice.

Investment: $3,500