Are You Living A Life Turned On? Tap into Your Pleasures and Reclaim Your Desires & Sensuality!

To all my beautiful women out there!  We’re bringing sexy back!  Let’s focus on you and really treat yourself to some sensual self-care and love!  Learn what turns you on and turns you off, and how you bring those turn-ons into your love routine whether you are single or with a partner(s).

The goal of our sensuality coaching is to allow you the power to connect with us as coaches and connect with a community of women who also want to tap into their power source.  No matter what you are going through, we will cover your questions and assist with product recommendations as well.  We will also have guest appearances from various consultants in the space to share their intimate recommendations and turn-ons.

Calls will be hosted in one-hour increments on the 1st and 15th of every month at 8:30 PM EST.  These sessions will be driven by your desire to learn more and work through whatever is holding you back from truly embracing pleasure and living a life turned on in the bedroom, or a taxi, or a restaurant bathroom… whatever sex fantasies float your boat!

Shed any shame you might have, tune into your power of femininity and lead with confidence and power.  Get ready to ignite your fire and jump into your most desirable world of sensuality and abundance!

Investment: $299/Month

*There is no minimum monthly commitment.  Feel free to join sessions as you would like and pay on a monthly subscription basis.

*We understand that everyone’s journey is personal and ensure your identity can remain anonymous if you would like during the group coaching sessions.  If you are excited to share your contact info and are looking to connect with anyone from the group outside of the coaching calls, that is welcome as well!