Stella Got Her Groove Back! It's Time To Get Yours! 

Divorce or even conscious uncoupling is one of the most challenging times in one's life. Are you currently going through a separation or divorce and struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Have you finalized your divorce and don’t even know where to start? Are the following questions circling around in your head and driving you crazy?

  • Who am I now?
  • What’s next for me?
  • Will I ever find love again?
  • I want to enjoy, play and experience romance, should I feel guilty for feeling this way?
  • I want to support my family, but the struggle is real. How do I put myself first and be there for them?
  • How do I define myself?
    • I am no longer a wife.
    • I no longer can check the “married” box. (And why the hell is there a single and divorce box on documents? I am single and divorced, who wants to know?!)

If these questions and thoughts are resonating with you, we want you to know it is completely normal.  We also know it means that you are ready for our services and time to re-establish a beautiful relationship with yourself.  Divorce coaching is the start of living passionately, freely, and fully engaged with the power of freedom and self-expression. We offer this six-month journey for you to begin discovering and leaning into the power of possibility.

As you move through this new season, we will work with you to release and move through the various emotions that arise, rather than pushing your pain and struggles into the depths of your body, mind, and soul. Moving through divorce can be cold, grim, and filled with an array of emotions. Keyword for you to remember, this is only a season!

Allow yourself the time and space needed to begin stepping into new possibilities and desires.

Part 1: Discovery Call (1:1): Once we confirm our partnership together, we will get on a Discovery Call to really dive into your life, areas that are making you happy, and areas you are looking to turn on! This initial call can take anywhere between an hour to 90 minutes. We will use this call to highlight focus areas that you desire clarity around. We will also discuss the framework for the following six months.

Part 2: Energy Leadership Assessment (ELI): This powerful and unique assessment allows you to become consciously aware of the level of energy you use to approach everyday situations in both stressful and nonstressful situations. Once you have completed your assessment, we will have a debrief session, where we will review your results and discuss your results. These insights will allow you to develop better control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, move through limitations and barriers while raising your overall energy.

Part 3: Monthly Call (1:1) Coaching: Each month we will connect for two 1:1 hourly sessions to discuss any roadblocks, inner critics, celebrations, turn-ons, and turn-offs. You will come to the sessions with a specific topic in mind and we will unpack this topic and create a goal and action plan for you to continue to move forward in your journey of finding and defining your you-est you!

Part 4: Group Coaching Calls: Once a month we will host a one-hour group coaching session for our community of women transforming themselves through separation or divorce. This call will allow you to ask questions and also provide support to other women going through similar situations in a judgment-free-zone. We find this call to be extremely powerful, as everyone can learn something from someone else. Feel free to bring up any challenges, wins, questions to the group. We will work through these challenges with you and also allow others to provide support and additional advice from their stories.

*We understand that everyone’s journey is personal and ensure your identity can remain anonymous if you would like during the group coaching sessions. If you are excited to share your contact info and are looking to connect with anyone from the group outside of the coaching calls, that is welcome as well!

At the end of our time together, you will have the tools and confidence to live your life turned on. You will not only know who you are but will be empowered to share your you-est you with the world you have created.

Program Duration: Six Months

Investment: $5000 One Time Payment (1-month free discount for lump sum upfront payment) or $1000/Month