Turn On Your Values

Our values assessment workshop can be conducted 1:1 or in groups with your family, co-workers or your partner. This program provides participants a tool to discover, define, and turn on your values. Once you identify and define your values, we dive deeper into seeing where you are living life turned on by honoring your values, and where you are not living by your values and what about each of those choices is serving you or not serving you.

To ensure you are moving forward and truly begin living these values, we work through challenges you are currently facing and create an effective action plan. When you begin living a life with your values turned on, you are empowered to provide yourself with the self-care your inner self has been neglecting.

Investment: Pricing is based upon the group size and time commitment we need depending on the size of your desired experience. This workshop can be as intimate as a 1:1 coaching session, or we have offered this assessment to as group as large as 500 people (yes, we did this exercise with 500 consultants worldwide!)