Upcoming Events

Get reacquainted with yourself and your desires and pleasures in life. Experience the joy of life in all forms such as exercise, dance, prayer, love, food, nature, and healing. Each experience we work through provides guidance and support in dealing with life changes and action to open a door you haven't been able to open.

What Turns You On and Turns You Off? Monday, November 25th 6PM

Ladies! I’ve packed my suitcase, grabbed my Rams shirt, sunglasses and bullshit button to head out West!

 On November 25th, while your men watch Monday night football, sneak out to the patio where I will host a sexy workshop focusing on what turns you on and turns you off! Once you have clarity, we’ll jump into an action plan to ensure you know when and how to accelerate your desires! This workshop is no bullshit, bring all you’ve got!

Location: The Shelby Los Angeles, 8445 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Daily Rituals Sunday, November 3rd 6PM EST

What needs to change as we approach a new season? What needs to stick, no matter the weather or holiday agenda?!

With a new season embarking upon us, it’s important to do an audit of our daily/weekly/ monthly rituals.

A new season equals new energy.

How does one keep on track when there are so many changing factors? We will help you evaluate your current routines and create awareness to identify ones that are serving you or not.

Come join us!

Sunday, November 3rd at 6PM EST on Alexia Anastasio's Podcast: Sex, Money & Food

Who's Leasing Space In Your Head and What's Their Cost/SF? #knowyourworth November 20th 6PM

Who's leasing Space In Your Head and What's Their Cost/SF?

Do you know your worth?

Be prepared for an action packed workshop where we will work through who is taking up your headspace and how you can move into action and move them out! #nofreerent

Wednesday, November 20th 6PM PST

Location: The Martin Conference Room, 4471 Dean Martin Dr. Las Vegas, NV, 89103