Upcoming Events

Get reacquainted with yourself and your desires and pleasures in life. Experience the joy of life in all forms such as exercise, dance, prayer, love, food, nature, and healing. Each experience we work through provides guidance and support in dealing with life changes and action to open a door you haven't been able to open.

Know Your Worth! Monday, December 16th 10AM EST

Understand how women and men think differently about their value and worth. Learn how to leverage each other's strengths and put these strengths into action!

Location: 1325 G St. NW, 1st Floor, Washington DC, 20005

Five Tips To Living A Life Turned On! Saturday, December 21st 3PM EST

There is a power that comes from within when you have
awareness, a clear vision, and achievable goals. There is no
doubt our words will empower you, as they have with many

Come join us on December 21st at 3PM EST for our second I AM Talk where we will walk you through our Opt-In, "Five Tips To Living A Life Turned On" and we will share our personal experiences and recommendations!


Know Your Values! January 22nd, 6PM-8PM EST

Understand your values and what motivates you! This workshop provides participants a tool to discover, define, and turn on your values.

Once you identify and define your values, we will dive deeper into seeing where you are living life turned and what is driving your motivators!

We will end with an Action Plan on how you can start having fierce conversations with yourself, colleagues, family & communities to ensure you are serving them, and they are serving you.

Location: 1201 F Street NW, Suite #500, Savills Conference Room